Lily Transportsystem

Our customer Jeroen Vreugdenhil Bloemkwekerij came to us with a request for a transport system to transport his lilies from the greenhouse to the shed.

Jeroen has bought an existing greenhouse in which lisianthus were grown. This had to be converted into a greenhouse where lilies are grown. Whether we could help him with the delivery of the necessary machines? Ofcourse, BTM can do this!

BTM is strong in providing customer-specific solutions, so this opportunity was the perfect scenario for BTM to prove this! Together with the customer, a solution has been worked out and delivered taking into account the existing situation.

Curious about the result? Check the project video!

Arcadia Chrysanthemums

In De Lier, we have installed an entire bunch line for the processing of chrysanthemums!
In the photo you can see Johan who is with Bart van Ruijven during delivery of the machine. The system is meanwhile up and running and beautiful chrysanthemums are now being harvested and processed.

View our project video here!


Lisianthus processing

In consultation with the customer, we have realised a total solution for the processing of Lisianthus. From the harvest site, the plants are transported underground via the T512 pad unit to the processing room where the flowers are processed into bunches on the T4127 processing line. After processing and at the client’s request, the bunches are then manually packed in sleeves and placed in auction containers. This manual processing takes place in 4 processing areas. Depending on the requirements, the containers are presented to the processing area fully automatically. After the container has been filled, it is transported fully automatically to one of the buffer conveyors. Replenishing stacked containers and removing filled Read more ...