Lisianthus processing

In consultation with the customer, we have realised a total solution for the processing of Lisianthus. From the harvest site, the plants are transported underground via the T512 pad unit to the processing room where the flowers are processed into bunches on the T4127 processing line. After processing and at the client’s request, the bunches are then manually packed in sleeves and placed in auction containers. This manual processing takes place in 4 processing areas. Depending on the requirements, the containers are presented to the processing area fully automatically. After the container has been filled, it is transported fully automatically to one of the buffer conveyors. Replenishing stacked containers and removing filled Read more ...

Santini processing

We have delivered an entire project for a customer who was looking for a total solution for the processing of santini chrysanthemums. Cutting machines are used for the harvesting of santinis. After cutting, the flowers are placed in bunches on the harvesting conveyor of the T512 pad unit and taken to the processing area via an underground transport system. During processing, the bunches are cut to size and then packed in sleeves by an automatic sleeving machine. After sleeving, the bunches are manually placed in containers. These containers are de-stacked and filled by a T600 container de-stacker; all the employee needs to do is place the bunch of flowers in the container. This ensures an increase in capacity and has the adde Read more ...

New chrysanthemum greenhouse

BTM has been selected as a supplier for the entire flower processing system for a new build project involving the construction of a chrysanthemum greenhouse. Firstly, all the equipment required for the construction of an underground central transport system in a well will be delivered. This equipment includes well covers, harvesting systems (cutters, T512 pad unit) and a processing line (T4127). The T4127 will be directly connected to a sleeving machine. After sleeving, the flowers will arrive in bunches at a central packing area via various transport systems. Through intensive cooperation with the customer, the project will reach the desired end result.